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India Garden is one of the finest Indian restaurants in the city of Indianapolis serving authentic Indian cuisine, with exceptional location in Indy Downtown.

Only our chef's years of experience can create that subtle blend. Indian food is an adventure, one that you can savor in our relaxing surroundings. Service is easy and friendly and wait for the table is minimal, making India Garden the perfect spot to meet your friends for lunch.

India Garden has made it's presence felt by serving north indian food. Our Indian cuisine encompasses a wide range of delicacies from many parts of the country. Mild curries that are rich and creamy, or with tangy fruits, others hot with abundant chilies. Succulent vegetables and subtly flavored pulses. Our specialty is our traditional tandoori cooking. Meat that has been marinated is cooked in seconds in the searing hot of the clay tandoor ovens.

The real secrets, of our cuisine are the spices and herbs, which enhance the flavor and also pose medicinal qualities.

India Garden also offers lunch buffet and the opportunity for neophytes to sample the north Indian cuisine that is characterized by rich flavorful but not hot ingredients. We are very proud of the fact that India Garden has been earned "THE BEST" rating by NUVO readers EVERY YEAR it has existed. And also topped the INDIANAPOLIS MONTHLY ratings for FIVE consecutive years.

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